Morusitas by Luzi

Eight years ago, Luzi found herself at home raising her two daughters when she began to get curious about designing decorative cakes. “My whole life, I have always loved cakes. I wanted to do something with my time that was both fun and productive,” says Luzi. After watching some videos on Youtube and enrolling into a cake workshop at Michael’s Arts & Crafts in Camarillo, Luzi began designing and baking cakes from her home kitchen.

My whole life, I have always loved cakes

After two years of practice, Luzi finally felt like her cakes were starting to look professional. Through both friends and Facebook Marketplace she was able to start selling her culinary artwork. But one customer left her feeling discouraged after leaving a bad review. “I realized that I was too focused on making the cakes look good, but not taste good,” she says. Three years later, she created the best of both worlds: moist and beautiful. It’s been over two years now that her cake design and baking skills are at a professional level. These days, the oven is always hot and the air is warm with flavor.

If you are interested in a custom cake design by Morusitas please contact Luzi through her Instagram Morusitas_by_luzi. You’ll love the artwork and enjoy a moist slice that only years of refined talent can provide.

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